Watching Weed Part 3

Here are the latest photos from my “growing experiment.” if you have seen earlier blog postings then you already know I started a new plant strain a few months ago on my balcony. I started the seeds of this plant in a very small pot in my kitchen, then moved it to my living room and several weeks later transplanted it into a bigger pot and it’s now almost taller than I am!


The summer here has not been that great. I’m really quite surprised this plant managed to grow at all. Now, as all the trees around here begin to change color in preparation for the fall season, this plant starts to flourish. I guess that’s what’s meant by “a late bloomer !”

The challenge now is fending off the cute little birds that want to feast on my baby, not to mention a unique variety of bugs.


I’m hoping and praying that the dozens and dozens of tiny, new growths as seen in the photo below, are going to be smokable buds. I can’t really say because this is an all-new strain of marijuana.


Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes as planned, mainly that I don’t get busted considering there are apartments below, above, to the right and to the left of me. It’s an exciting venture to say the least.

Strangely enough, there are tomatoes also growing on my balcony and the smell of those plants is really quite pungent. That might be a good thing. We’ll see.

Stay tuned and groomed.

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