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  • Halloween Hotties For You

    Hey! Hope ya’ll had a memorable halloween! Here’s some hotties from my friends at CamJam! [flowplayer id=”911″]

  • Bong Reams Paul Ryan For Lying

    Bong Reams Paul Ryan For Lying

    Yo, it’s me BONG. As most of you know, I’m not the most understanding stoner in the world, particularly when it comes to anti-cannabis politicians like Paul Ryan. In this episode I’m calling out Rep. candidate for Vice President, Paul Ryan for his seemingly pathological lying. Now in a small effort to be fair, I’m […]

  • Marijuana Pringles Stopmotion

    I really couldn’t come up with a compelling and engaging title for this post. FAIL! I guess it is what it is…POTLUCK! [flowplayer id=”897″]

  • Bong Reviews Grasweg In Hamburg

    Bong Reviews Grasweg In Hamburg

    I discovered a new head shop here in Hamburg Germany and being me, had nothing better to do than share it with YOU! Werd. [flowplayer id=”919″]

  • Big Pharma To The Rescue PT1

    Big Pharma To The Rescue PT1

    The only thing Big Pharma is out to save is their own asses and of course, the all-mighty (which isn’t so mighty) Dollar! In part one of this 3 or 6 part series (I haven’t decided how many yet…) I’ll educate a few of you with some Big Pharma Phacts! Ha! [flowplayer id=”900″]

  • Happy New World

    Happy New World

    I wouldn’t be being me if I didn’t start the new year with a bit of a reality check for my dozens of beloved subscribers out there, LOL! The truth hurts…

  • Pharmaceuticals Kill While Cannabis Saves

    Yo peeps. I’m at it again! Here’s my latest episode on the hugely profitable, dangerous and moronic industry called Pharmaceuticals. I’m broadcasting from Berlin, Germany and from here I have a very unique perspective on the state of the States. We’re hurtin’ for certain. Shame… [flowplayer id=”904″] [subscribe2]

  • How Many People Does It Take To Move The Space Shuttle

    This is pretty unfukn believable shit man. Do yourself a favor and watch this nonsense. The shit scientists come up with, they were definitely on dope LOL!

  • Why The Tax Marijuana Initiative Will Pass – Bong’s Mission

    As you know, I’m on a mission to enroll everyone in supporting the Control & Tax Marijuana Initiative. This time I explain the utterly simple reason why the initiative will pass later this year, 2010.

  • This Is Potluck TV.com

    This Is Potluck TV.com

    PTV is a pro-marijuana blog and broadcast and my hope with this portal is to support all the positive efforts surrounding the legalization of marijuana and responsible Cannabis usage. A mixture of PTV original content and what I can scrape-up from the herbal blogosphere. So roll one, tune in and hang around with me and […]