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  • Halloween Hotties For You

    Hey! Hope ya’ll had a memorable halloween! Here’s some hotties from my friends at CamJam! [flowplayer id=”911″]

  • Bong Reams Paul Ryan For Lying

    Bong Reams Paul Ryan For Lying

    Yo, it’s me BONG. As most of you know, I’m not the most understanding stoner in the world, particularly when it comes to anti-cannabis politicians like Paul Ryan. In this episode I’m calling out Rep. candidate for Vice President, Paul Ryan for his seemingly pathological lying. Now in a small effort to be fair, I’m […]

  • Happy New World

    Happy New World

    I wouldn’t be being me if I didn’t start the new year with a bit of a reality check for my dozens of beloved subscribers out there, LOL! The truth hurts…