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  • Bong’s Got The Blues

    It was June 7th, 2010. I was out and about on foot, wearing my disguise as I most often do when out daytime. I came across Blues Smoke Shop by accident while looking for a new place to live. As many of you know, after PROP 19 sucked ass, I got all depressed, lost faith […]

  • Proposition 19 Official Commercial

    I’m thinking about making my own commercial spot in support of PROP 19. But with only 8 more days to go until we ALL VOTE YES ON 19, I might have to pass on the commercial fame, LOL!

  • What Effect Will The Initiative Prop 19 Have On Medical Marijuana Laws – Bong’s Mission

    HAVE NO FEAR! As things stand presently, there will be no adverse affects on Medical Marijuana laws as outlined by the original laws permitting cannabis use for medical purposes.

  • If We Legalize, Control, and Tax Cannabis, Won’t That Lead To More Crime – Bong’s Mission

    Crime schmime! The real crime is that Cannabis isn’t ALREADY legal and that I lost 8 fucking years of my life because I sold it to friends. Yeah, I know, enough bitching already. I’ll never turn back the hands of time nor will I ever be compensated for my losses. But you don’t have to […]

  • Register To Vote Dammit!

    Beyond supporting PROPOSITION 19 (Tax & Control Cannabis), there are other important issues that need to be addressed. You can help this great country if you don’t register to vote! REGISTER HERE. REGISTER NOW.

  • Schwarzenegger Terminates Cannabis Court

    In case you missed the big news! Late yesterday evening, Governor Schwarzenegger signed SB 1449, a bill sponsored by Sen. Mark Leno that downgrades the possession of one ounce or less of marijuana from a misdemeanor to an infraction. This will spare petty marijuana offenders the necessity of a court appearance and criminal arrest record […]

  • Proposition 19 Was Carefully Written To

  • Yes On Prop 19 – Poster 8

    I’ve forgotten the kids name already, that’s why they call it dope. 🙂 That and being from the Mark Spitz generation. Oh yeah, he was a happy baker as well. I should know…

  • Yes On Prop 19 – Poster 7

    Even I’m still old (or is it young?) enough to know that Alcohol was once illegal in this country. History is repeating itself as it often does. Once the government(s) decide to listen to all of us on this Cannabis topic, expect THC to be delivered in pill form, prescription necessary. Also, expect all the […]

  • Yes On Prop 19 – Poster 6