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  • Republican Hypocrites On Drugs-420FM

    Republican Hypocrites On Drugs-420FM

    420FM host, activist, Ex-con and Ex-Republican BONG explores the hypocritical stances Republicans take related to legalizing Marijuana, inspired by an article he received from Jonathan H. Adler.

  • 270K And Climbing

    Hm, not really sure what I’m gonna blow all this virtual dough on. Maybe a baggie? LOL

  • Marijuana Pringles Stopmotion

    I really couldn’t come up with a compelling and engaging title for this post. FAIL! I guess it is what it is…POTLUCK! [flowplayer id=”897″]

  • Bong Reviews Grasweg In Hamburg

    Bong Reviews Grasweg In Hamburg

    I discovered a new head shop here in Hamburg Germany and being me, had nothing better to do than share it with YOU! Werd. [flowplayer id=”919″]

  • Big Pharma To The Rescue PT1

    Big Pharma To The Rescue PT1

    The only thing Big Pharma is out to save is their own asses and of course, the all-mighty (which isn’t so mighty) Dollar! In part one of this 3 or 6 part series (I haven’t decided how many yet…) I’ll educate a few of you with some Big Pharma Phacts! Ha! [flowplayer id=”900″]

  • Happy Hotti-daze From Bong To You

    Here’s a mess-o-hotties that I’ve not had the personal pleasure of boning but I bet at least one of you has, ha! I’ll be spending my first holiday season ever, abroad. If only I had a broad to spend it with. Everybody over here speaks Foreign. Maybe I’ll head over to Longdong a couple of […]

  • The X Profiles – Fear Of Fatty

    Here I am hosting another episode of THE X PROFILES. I love doing this show. I can get all medicated up (as usual) and all flirty with a fukn porn queen. Got a problem with that? LOL! In this episode we start slammin’ fat peeps. Yeah, you know how that gets on my sack! Lazy […]

  • 5656 NOHO

    Patient appreciation? WTF is that? If you had asked me yesterday, I would have not known what the hell you could be talking about. Today however, is a different story. If you want to experience a cannabis dispensary that truly goes the extra mile, or extra nug as the case may be, I can wholeheartedly […]

  • Hear Me On The X Profiles

    Yeah, that’s right. I know it’s a TV show but anyone who knows me knows I ain’t about to go public-mug on ya’. So, hear me and see my sexy co-host (who was meant to call today and didn’t, bitch!) chop it up about current events and shit. Yeah, of course we’re showcasing some hottie […]

  • Bong’s Got The Blues

    It was June 7th, 2010. I was out and about on foot, wearing my disguise as I most often do when out daytime. I came across Blues Smoke Shop by accident while looking for a new place to live. As many of you know, after PROP 19 sucked ass, I got all depressed, lost faith […]