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  • 420 Delivery

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  • 24/7 Eyes On My Shit

    24/7 Eyes On My Shit

    I see ya when I’m on vaycay boi!

  • June Gear

    June Gear

    Great grass! Good upper feeling and leaves you wanting to explore your creativity. Thats weed for me. Now, it needs a cool-ass name. Any suggestions?

  • For The Man Who Has Everything 

    You can never have too much Weed around. Never.  Thanks for the wonderful gift! I will try it straight away!   

  • Pot vs. Alcohol-420FM

    Pot vs. Alcohol-420FM

    In this episode BONG discusses the startling and quite scary facts about Alcohol versus good old, natural and safe Marijuana.

  • Sad Times

    Sad Times

    It’s always a major bummer realizing the end of the harvest is near. Sad face…

  • Amber Waves Of Green

    How sweet it is! Into October and the buds are starting to change color. Won’t be long now. It’s also getting much colder.

  • Watching Weed Part 4

    As my latest growing experiment soon reaches 6 feet tall, it’s about that time to weed out the weeds. That is to say, trim this bitch! While most growers likely prefer to “lollipop” their plants I think I’m too late for that. This one has grown much like a Christmas tree and given the scarcity […]

  • Watching Weed Part 3

    Here are the latest photos from my “growing experiment.” if you have seen earlier blog postings then you already know I started a new plant strain a few months ago on my balcony. I started the seeds of this plant in a very small pot in my kitchen, then moved it to my living room […]