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  • CWCBExpo in Los Angeles

    Hey Stoners, for the first time in LA, Cannabis Week is launched from September 23 to 29; bringing the Industry Together to Learn, Grow & Network.

  • CBD is where it’s at

    CBD Regulated by the Food and Drug Administration , cannabidiol, or CBD, is a nonpsychoactive compound derived from the hemp plant. Not to be confused with tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the chief psychoactive compound in marijuana that gives a high sensation, CBD is available over the counter or from a trusted healthcare provider. It comes in […]

  • 420 Delivery

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  • The Dirty Bong Song

    The Dirty Bong Song

    Naw, not really a song but a Diddy. Was nice discovering the old classic DIRTY bong on the balcony.

  • 24/7 Eyes On My Shit

    24/7 Eyes On My Shit

    I see ya when I’m on vaycay boi!

  • New Weed For A New Year

    Wow! A big 420 shout out to California! Totally envious of you guys. Perhaps the rest of the planet will figure it out sooner than later…

  • Gun Spinner

    Gun Spinner

    I like guns and I like fidget widgets. Duhhhhh!

  • Be a Banana

    Be a Banana

    Have you ever wanted to be a bike seat? Well, how about a banana?

  • 15 Euro A Gram In Hamburg

    15 Euro A Gram In Hamburg

    Yeah, you heard/read that right! Insane and just plain wrong. So of course I’m like, suck it! Not gonna happen. Aint like we’re talking about weed from heaven- -or Cali for that matter ha-ha! Maybe I just look like a tourist or a cop (even worse) but this town isn’t like Berlin when it comes […]