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  • Marijuana Pringles Stopmotion

    I really couldn’t come up with a compelling and engaging title for this post. FAIL! I guess it is what it is…POTLUCK! [flowplayer id=”897″]

  • Bong Reviews Grasweg In Hamburg

    Bong Reviews Grasweg In Hamburg

    I discovered a new head shop here in Hamburg Germany and being me, had nothing better to do than share it with YOU! Werd. [flowplayer id=”919″]

  • Pharmaceuticals Kill While Cannabis Saves

    Yo peeps. I’m at it again! Here’s my latest episode on the hugely profitable, dangerous and moronic industry called Pharmaceuticals. I’m broadcasting from Berlin, Germany and from here I have a very unique perspective on the state of the States. We’re hurtin’ for certain. Shame… [flowplayer id=”904″] [subscribe2]