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  • No To Trump

    No To Trump

    Sure, it’s early but you know this fucker is going to run in the end. So, have it in your minds already, NO! No more Trumps in US government. They are corrupt criminals.

  • 420 Chick July

    420 Chick July

    Here is Ms. 420 July!

  • Famous or Infamous Ass Tats

    Famous or Infamous Ass Tats

    I’ve got my share of tattoos – – it’s no secret. But I can’t imagine spreading my cheeks for someone to spend hours working around my asshole… Especially if I’m the one who has to pay for it! Don’t get me wrong, I love me some ass! 🙂

  • Conquest – Adult Cartoons NSFW

    Conquest – Adult Cartoons NSFW

    Just rediscovered cartoon porn. Great stoner fodder fer shurrr! This series is from India, though not surprising given the story line. Cool artwork all around.

  • NFL vs. Marijuana

    NFL vs. Marijuana

    In this episode of 420FM, Bong explores the NFL’s position on placing Marijuana on the banned drugs list despite it’s proven pain management benefits and a great many professional Athletes being 420 friendly.

  • Bongs Weed Collection

    Bongs Weed Collection

    I’m not sure if I’ve shared my personal menu of awesomeness but can’t hurt seeing it again and again and again lol! The next best thing to having it in your own cupboards!

  • Kinky Killer Gnomes

    Kinky Killer Gnomes

    Bong here. One of my exes works at a porn website. She turned me onto a really super talented Camstress called THE MIME. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. 🙂 [flowplayer id=”995″]

  • 420 Chick June

    420 Chick June

    Have a look at the June 420 Chick!

  • 420 Chick May

    420 Chick May