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  • 420 Delivery

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  • The Dirty Bong Song

    The Dirty Bong Song

    Naw, not really a song but a Diddy. Was nice discovering the old classic DIRTY bong on the balcony.

  • May Gear

    May Gear

    Crop was quite tasty and looking forward to what June has to offer!

  • Summertime Boobs

    Summertime Boobs

    What’s not to like about big boobs and nice weather? I’m gonna miss summertime. Oh well, assuming I live long enough…there’s always next year! 🙂 Watch video!

  • Baking Essentials

    Baking Essentials

    You can’t get properly cooked without having the necessary baking utensils around. Here are my ingredients as of late.      

  • Happy Halloween From Potluck TV

  • Why Nobody Has Ever Overdosed From Marijuana-420FM

    Why Nobody Has Ever Overdosed From Marijuana-420FM

    In this episode of 420FM marijuana activist and ex-con BONG explains why it is that no one has EVER overdosed from smoking marijuana.

  • Pot vs. Alcohol-420FM

    Pot vs. Alcohol-420FM

    In this episode BONG discusses the startling and quite scary facts about Alcohol versus good old, natural and safe Marijuana.

  • NFL’s Rediculous Marijuana Policy

    The NFL's Absurd Marijuana Policy | Weed News VIRTUALLY each single participant within the N.F.L. has a certifiable want for medical marijuana. The recreation we have fun creates a lifetime of day by day pain for many who play it. Some gamers select marijuana to handle this pain, which … http://www.ganjanews.org/ — Tue, 09 Sep […]