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  • For The Man Who Has Everything¬†

    You can never have too much Weed around. Never.  Thanks for the wonderful gift! I will try it straight away!   

  • Marijuana Pringles Stopmotion

    I really couldn’t come up with a compelling and engaging title for this post. FAIL! I guess it is what it is…POTLUCK! [flowplayer id=”897″]

  • Bong Reviews Grasweg In Hamburg

    Bong Reviews Grasweg In Hamburg

    I discovered a new head shop here in Hamburg Germany and being me, had nothing better to do than share it with YOU! Werd. [flowplayer id=”919″]

  • Big Pharma To The Rescue PT1

    Big Pharma To The Rescue PT1

    The only thing Big Pharma is out to save is their own asses and of course, the all-mighty (which isn’t so mighty) Dollar! In part one of this 3 or 6 part series (I haven’t decided how many yet…) I’ll educate a few of you with some Big Pharma Phacts! Ha! [flowplayer id=”900″]

  • How To Roll A Joint – Rolling 101

    This is an entertaining look at how to roll a joint; Appropriately called Rolling 101. Though clearly intended as fun I have a feeling some of you may actually learn something, LOL! On a serious note, I’ve been to the cafe where this was shot as I totally recognize the wall during the ‘stoned’ scene […]