SWAT Kills And Asks Questions Later

Okay, here’s the lowdown. On May 10th, 2010 Police raid some guys home and violate his civil liberties in Columbia, MO.

Under the cover of darkness, a team of militarized SWAT agents went in to this family’s home and immediately engage in gunfire. They killed one of two family dogs and apparently wounded the other. Not to mention the
likely lifelong trauma to the guys seven-year-old son.

The end result of SWAT teams action? Police seized a pot pipe with resin in it, as most used pipes contain. The man in the video ultimately pleaded guilty to misdemeanor drug charges and paid a $300 fine.

If you are as shocked and outraged by these actions in Missouri then help me do something about it.

Join me and thousands of other concerned citizens by signing up with NORML – http://www.norml.org and supporting my personal mission, Contol & Tax Cannabis 2010!

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