Schwarzenegger Terminates Cannabis Court

In case you missed the big news!

Late yesterday evening, Governor Schwarzenegger signed SB 1449, a bill sponsored by Sen. Mark Leno that downgrades the possession of one ounce or less of marijuana from a misdemeanor to an infraction. This will spare petty marijuana offenders the necessity of a court appearance and criminal arrest record while saving the state millions of dollars in court and prosecution expenses without question.

In explaining his decision, the Governor hit the nail on the head:

“In this time of drastic budget cuts, prosecutors, defense attorneys, law enforcement, and the courts cannot afford to expend limited resources prosecuting marijuana possession.”

Thank you, Governor. It’s about time you suits start making some sense on this important issue. And, we know you used to smoke dope so put an end to the Hippocrates already.

But there’s still a long way to go toward fixing our failed marijuana policies — and that’s why it’s as important as ever that we pass Proposition 19 on November 2. VOTE YES ON PROP 19!

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