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Man, have we gotten off on the wrong foot! For whatever strange reason Biz Stone and his band of anti-stoners have suspended my Twitter account 2 TIMES in one week! Mind you, I am no stranger to Twitter and have other accounts related to completely different topics and have never had any issue before. Hell, one of my accounts is purely marketing oriented, affiliate shite, which frankly I would expect to be suspended for ‘getting on someones nerves’ but no, not YET the case.

There are so many other frackers out there spamming beyond spam. You know the ones (hell, maybe you’re one of them!) “Hey, I just took this quiz…” or “Hey, learn how to make money” or “Hey, is this you ” and on and on and on…

All I’m doing and have done is add a bunch of people after searching for common interests; That being the love of Cannabis. Where’s the fukn crime in that I wonder? Okay, I feel better now having vented to the Blogospherian Spirits and you. Anywahzoo, here’s my Twitter page (courtesy of these cool stoners MMM) and follow me if you haven’t gotten around to it yet. Better do it before I suddenly disappear again! LOL!

Potluck TV's 3rd Twitter Page
Potluck TV’s 3rd Twitter Page

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  1. Hey Potheads! I know how you feel. I’m in the adult tweeting world. I hear of people getting their accounts closed all the time. It hasn’t happened to me. I read their TOS and it just says NO PORN ICONS (though there are thousands of them!) and they (twitter) seem to like to play GODDESS to remind us little users who the real boss is. I can’t wait until another twitter comes along. Just a matter of time and the market needs the competition. No different than Myspace vs. Facebook, etc. It’s healthy!

    I love pot by the way. Don’t give up!

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