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  • The Dirty Bong Song

    The Dirty Bong Song

    Naw, not really a song but a Diddy. Was nice discovering the old classic DIRTY bong on the balcony.

  • 24/7 Eyes On My Shit

    24/7 Eyes On My Shit

    I see ya when I’m on vaycay boi!

  • Gun Spinner

    Gun Spinner

    I like guns and I like fidget widgets. Duhhhhh!

  • Bongs Christmas CamGirls 2013

    Bongs Christmas CamGirls 2013

    Here are some of my favorite holiday working girls… [flowplayer id=”888″]

  • Mitt Romney Hates Half America Says Hidden Camera

    Mitt Romney Hates Half America Says Hidden Camera

    None of you anti-Republicans are going to be surprised at the video below but you know, it’s still rather shocking to hear a presidential candidate blatantly expressing disdain for Americans. Somethings are just better left unheard. At any rate the damage has been done and there’s no taking it back Mitt. He goes on to […]

  • Bong Reams Paul Ryan For Lying

    Bong Reams Paul Ryan For Lying

    Yo, it’s me BONG. As most of you know, I’m not the most understanding stoner in the world, particularly when it comes to anti-cannabis politicians like Paul Ryan. In this episode I’m calling out Rep. candidate for Vice President, Paul Ryan for his seemingly pathological lying. Now in a small effort to be fair, I’m […]

  • Marijuana Pringles Stopmotion

    I really couldn’t come up with a compelling and engaging title for this post. FAIL! I guess it is what it is…POTLUCK! [flowplayer id=”897″]

  • Big Pharma To The Rescue PT1

    Big Pharma To The Rescue PT1

    The only thing Big Pharma is out to save is their own asses and of course, the all-mighty (which isn’t so mighty) Dollar! In part one of this 3 or 6 part series (I haven’t decided how many yet…) I’ll educate a few of you with some Big Pharma Phacts! Ha! [flowplayer id=”900″]

  • Catching Up And Checking In July

    I should be in bed but instead I’m blogging. [flowplayer id=”922″]

  • Pharmaceuticals Kill While Cannabis Saves

    Yo peeps. I’m at it again! Here’s my latest episode on the hugely profitable, dangerous and moronic industry called Pharmaceuticals. I’m broadcasting from Berlin, Germany and from here I have a very unique perspective on the state of the States. We’re hurtin’ for certain. Shame… [flowplayer id=”904″] [subscribe2]