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  • His and Hers

    His and Hers
  • 24/7 Eyes On My Shit

    24/7 Eyes On My Shit

    I see ya when I’m on vaycay boi!

  • Just Do It

    Just Do It
  • New Weed For A New Year

    Wow! A big 420 shout out to California! Totally envious of you guys. Perhaps the rest of the planet will figure it out sooner than later…

  • Be a Banana

    Be a Banana

    Have you ever wanted to be a bike seat? Well, how about a banana?

  • 420 Chick July

    420 Chick July

    Here is Ms. 420 July!

  • Guiness Book of Joints

    OK, maybe not but bloody well should be!

  • June Gear

    June Gear

    Great grass! Good upper feeling and leaves you wanting to explore your creativity. Thats weed for me. Now, it needs a cool-ass name. Any suggestions?

  • Sad Times – Jack Wills Ban

    Sad Times – Jack Wills Ban

    I’m not even going to rant. Just a “Give me a fucking break!”, now I’m done. Apparently, this Ad-spread was too sexual for the social conservatives, thus banned.

  • May Gear

    May Gear

    Crop was quite tasty and looking forward to what June has to offer!