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  • 420 Delivery

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  • Be a Banana

    Be a Banana

    Have you ever wanted to be a bike seat? Well, how about a banana?

  • Famous or Infamous Ass Tats

    Famous or Infamous Ass Tats

    I’ve got my share of tattoos – – it’s no secret. But I can’t imagine spreading my cheeks for someone to spend hours working around my asshole… Especially if I’m the one who has to pay for it! Don’t get me wrong, I love me some ass! 🙂

  • This Post Stinks

    Really? I guess we’ve all done it but why then? Why there? Why now? I’d hate to be him.

  • Stoner DJ Sir Charlie London Rules

    I discovered this old school DJ like, 8 years ago or something crazy. He was hosting a show called PODHEAD RADIO and I guess that went out of business. Now, he’s got another show, showcasing new INDIE music. Cool shit. Rad dude called Sir Charlie London, from Sheffield I think–crap town. Anyway, he seems to […]

  • 270K And Climbing

    Hm, not really sure what I’m gonna blow all this virtual dough on. Maybe a baggie? LOL

  • Kinky Killer Gnomes

    Kinky Killer Gnomes

    Bong here. One of my exes works at a porn website. She turned me onto a really super talented Camstress called THE MIME. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. 🙂 [flowplayer id=”995″]

  • Hear Me On The X Profiles

    Yeah, that’s right. I know it’s a TV show but anyone who knows me knows I ain’t about to go public-mug on ya’. So, hear me and see my sexy co-host (who was meant to call today and didn’t, bitch!) chop it up about current events and shit. Yeah, of course we’re showcasing some hottie […]

  • What Ever Happened To Blowing Out Candles

    I don’t know for the life of me what strange tradition this is about, nor where this tradition takes place. I’m sure one of my readers has a clue and wouldn’t mind education the rest of us who grew up doing things the old fashioned way ie. Blowing out thin, burning sticks of wax and […]

  • C’mon Son Returns

    Funny man ED LOVER returns with his internet series C’MON SON! If you’re a hip-hop fan like most of the planet seems to be, you’ll enjoy this for sure.