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Stoner DJ Sir Charlie London Rules

I discovered this old school DJ like, 8 years ago or something crazy. He was hosting a show called PODHEAD RADIO and I guess that went out of business. Now, he’s got another show, showcasing new INDIE music. Cool shit. Rad dude called Sir Charlie London, from Sheffield I think–crap town. Anyway, he seems to be back in action hosting RPMG. Hm, RPM used to be a speedy strand of green from Den Haag but I don’t know what the G stands for. Hopefully, not gay LOL! Naw, GRASS of course, ha! REALLY POTENT MOTHERFUKN GRASS!


I will post his stuff here in the future but do yourself a favor and subscribe to his page.

Hear Me On The X Profiles

Yeah, that’s right. I know it’s a TV show but anyone who knows me knows I ain’t about to go public-mug on ya’. So, hear me and see my sexy co-host (who was meant to call today and didn’t, bitch!) chop it up about current events and shit. Yeah, of course we’re showcasing some hottie or other. That’s why it’s called The X Profiles, stoooopid. Here’s a part of a show.

See more at The X

What Ever Happened To Blowing Out Candles

I don’t know for the life of me what strange tradition this is about, nor where this tradition takes place. I’m sure one of my readers has a clue and wouldn’t mind education the rest of us who grew up doing things the old fashioned way ie. Blowing out thin, burning sticks of wax and wicks, least of which in the form of a huge throbbing cock! Now I’ve seen it all…almost.