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  • CWCBExpo in Los Angeles

    Hey Stoners, for the first time in LA, Cannabis Week is launched from September 23 to 29; bringing the Industry Together to Learn, Grow & Network.

  • His and Hers

    His and Hers
  • New Weed For A New Year

    Wow! A big 420 shout out to California! Totally envious of you guys. Perhaps the rest of the planet will figure it out sooner than later…

  • 15 Euro A Gram In Hamburg

    15 Euro A Gram In Hamburg

    Yeah, you heard/read that right! Insane and just plain wrong. So of course I’m like, suck it! Not gonna happen. Aint like we’re talking about weed from heaven- -or Cali for that matter ha-ha! Maybe I just look like a tourist or a cop (even worse) but this town isn’t like Berlin when it comes […]

  • Famous or Infamous Ass Tats

    Famous or Infamous Ass Tats

    I’ve got my share of tattoos – – it’s no secret. But I can’t imagine spreading my cheeks for someone to spend hours working around my asshole… Especially if I’m the one who has to pay for it! Don’t get me wrong, I love me some ass! 🙂

  • For The Man Who Has Everything 

    You can never have too much Weed around. Never.  Thanks for the wonderful gift! I will try it straight away!   

  • Baking Essentials

    Baking Essentials

    You can’t get properly cooked without having the necessary baking utensils around. Here are my ingredients as of late.      

  • Club Cannabis Social Clubs

    The OZY Connection | Weed Blog – We Love The Herb Club Cannabis is a sexy model in a legal gray area. The social clubs operate openly in countries where personal consumption of small amounts of weed is not prosecuted, and growing that small amount might not technically break the law, … — Sun, […]

  • Ruler Supreme

    Don’t really need to say much…

  • This Post Stinks

    Really? I guess we’ve all done it but why then? Why there? Why now? I’d hate to be him.