15 Euro A Gram In Hamburg

Yeah, you heard/read that right! Insane and just plain wrong. So of course I’m like, suck it! Not gonna happen. Aint like we’re talking about weed from heaven- -or Cali for that matter ha-ha! Maybe I just look like a tourist or a cop (even worse) but this town isn’t like Berlin when it comes to finding medication on the go.
Now, if you want a head shop, that’s another story. You will have no problem finding all sorts of groovy paraphernalia, no worries there my friend. Seems like every rinky-dink kiosk sells pipes and Bongs. But where’s the WEED? Rather, the weed at a fair price? A gram of grass should never cost more than 10 bucks, I don’t care where you live. And frankly, it should cost less!
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not down on Hamburg – it’s an awesome city filled with lovely views and loads of human eye candy, but it looks on 420 connects until you either live there or know someone who knows someone that’s not gonna jerk your chain peddling over-priced, mediocre organics.

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