Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Anecdots

Hey, make sure you read Paul’s full article. Here are a few of his words which hit home for me and loads of others out there!

One weekend I went camping with some close friends. On our way home, I was really nauseated. My then-young daughter was on the trip with me, and I tried to avoid using marijuana when I was with her. We stopped along the way to eat lunch, and I was doing all I could not to vomit. Finally, I walked down the road a bit, took out my pipe and smoked a little bit of pot.

Almost instantly I felt better. The people I was with were quite struck with the difference it made- more so than I was. They said my color and affect and energy changed dramatically. They instantly believed in medical marijuana.

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I’ll share some of my own miracle marijuana tales as soon as I figure out what they are! We’ve all had them at one time or another. Weed generally helps with my lower back in a big way. Not to mention my overall attitude. What’s yours? Leave a comment below if you want to share.

Who’s The Sexy Stoner Angel

Is this the perfect woman?
Is this the perfect woman?
Does anyone know this woman. I’ve seen her pushing her wares here and there online but I just can’t for the life of me remember where. Obviously I was distracted by her unabashed awesomeness and completely missed the POINT of whatever the company she represented was trying to brand my brain with. Now, I’m left feeling empty and cheap. 🙂 How do you think she feels?

All the more reason to track her down and find out. So, if you know anything, by all means leave a comment or even better write to me or come over, share a spliff and dump the dirt.