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Thanks to The Buyers Club.us

The Buyers Club.us were the first to sponsor me and Ptv.
The Buyers Club.us were the first to sponsor me and Ptv.
I just got to give a big shout-out to The Buyers Club.us and a huge thanks! It’s because of their support that I even got off my ass and started Potluck TV. It’s important to find people that believe in your ideas and visions and that’s basically what the dynamic duo over at The Buyers Club are for me.

I know we’re all generally remaining anonymous in our Cannabis exploits due to day gigs, family or LAWS for that matter but I’m looking forward to the day Cannabis is legal everywhere in the USA. Will I come out then? Don’t know. I still have a pretty conservative job and the last thing I need is to lose it but at least then I could sue the fuckers if they fire me due to my ‘legal past-time’. I’m sure not going to be stoned at work, that’s for sure… legal or not.

As for my friends at TBC, I figure they’ll guest on the program since everybody (Buyers Club members, that is) knows what they look like anyway. Hell, I think it’ll be good for their business to do a segment on Potluck TV. I’m working on it so stay tuned for that.

Thanks guy for the support, on and offline!

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