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Yes On Prop 19 – Poster 7

Even I’m still old (or is it young?) enough to know that Alcohol was once illegal in this country. History is repeating itself as it often does.

Once the government(s) decide to listen to all of us on this Cannabis topic, expect THC to be delivered in pill form, prescription necessary. Also, expect all the major cancer manufacturers (cigarette co.’s) to roll out Cannabis based smokes mixed with their crap tobacco THE NEXT OR SAME DAY!

Mark my words. Meanwhile, VOTE YES ON PROP 19.

VOTE YES ON PROP 19 this November 2nd, 2010

Rolling Stone Magazine Is Rolling Stoned For Prop 19

The legendary music magazine Rolling Stone had this to say about our campaign. Calling it

β€œthe most effective and well-organized campaign to end marijuana prohibition since the drug was declared illegal in 1937…”

The Rolling Stone article established that Prop 19 is our best chance ever to legalize, control, and tax cannabis.

Rolling Stone Could Not Be Wrong!