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Cannabis Common Sense

It’ just struck me that I haven’t started 2010 properly yet and here it is already the 19th! My bad! I’ve been busy growing weed (my favorite pastime) in all the wrong places but now that I’ve gotten some of that nonsense squared away I can get back to my 3rd favorite pastime… TALKING ABOUT WEED. 🙂 I’m sure you can figure out my 2nd favorite pastime. Feel free to comment, LOL!

Anyway, I’m starting the year out light. Meaning, there’s nothing to do but push play. Perhaps the info is nothing new to you but I’m sure they’ll be some folks learning a thing or three. Have a great week! Roll on…

Crazy Strip Tease

As you might imagine I was baked the first (and only) time I watched this video. A hottie I know from France sent it to me. Funny enough, looks a lot like her in the video but since this dame never shows her face, hard to tell. I can assure you this is no typical strip clip. Be patient. It’s worth the wait or my name isn’t Dom “The Dom” Delouise.

Sexy French Stripper

How To Roll A Joint – Rolling 101

This is an entertaining look at how to roll a joint; Appropriately called Rolling 101. Though clearly intended as fun I have a feeling some of you may actually learn something, LOL! On a serious note, I’ve been to the cafe where this was shot as I totally recognize the wall during the ‘stoned’ scene at the end. It’s definitely one of the BULL DOG cafes (a local Amsterdam chain) near the Main Station. Check it out next time you’re in Holland!