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What Ever Happened To Blowing Out Candles

I don’t know for the life of me what strange tradition this is about, nor where this tradition takes place. I’m sure one of my readers has a clue and wouldn’t mind education the rest of us who grew up doing things the old fashioned way ie. Blowing out thin, burning sticks of wax and wicks, least of which in the form of a huge throbbing cock! Now I’ve seen it all…almost.

Me vs. The DEA – 1

The following does not represent the views of UTV, partners nor affiliates.
The following does not represent the views of UTV, partners nor affiliates.

I’m doing a little series called ME vs. THE DEA. Basically, since we rarely take the time to visit their sites to stay up-to-date with exactly where they stand on Marijuana, I thought I’d swipe some information from them and share my counterpoints. You may should always comment, of course.


The campaign to legitimize what is called “medical” marijuana is based on two propositions: that science views marijuana as medicine, and that DEA targets sick and dying people using the drug. Neither proposition is true. Smoked marijuana has not withstood the rigors of science – it is not medicine and it is not safe. DEA targets criminals engaged in cultivation and trafficking, not the sick and dying. No state has legalized the trafficking of marijuana, including the twelve states that have decriminalized certain marijuana use.


Well fuck you man!
Okay, okay.., I should try and be more constructive. Let’s start with SCIENCE. What the hell does science have to do with it? This is no manmade chemical creation such as the likes the pill popping generation is addicted to. This is nature. All natural and being as each individual in themselves are a unique product of nature, who are you to tell me how an all natural substance affects me, if at all. And if that effect happens to be soothing or reduce pain, for example, then I should have the right to sooth myself particularly when it’s a plant which in principle, anyone could grow.

Now what’s this about TRAFFICKING. Trafficking would be of no issue if Marijuana were legal. We’d likely not have to carry it any further than our neighborhood cafe, or local dispensary or pull it up from the ground of our own (or neighbors) back yard!

Crazy Strip Tease

As you might imagine I was baked the first (and only) time I watched this video. A hottie I know from France sent it to me. Funny enough, looks a lot like her in the video but since this dame never shows her face, hard to tell. I can assure you this is no typical strip clip. Be patient. It’s worth the wait or my name isn’t Dom “The Dom” Delouise.

Sexy French Stripper

How To Roll A Joint – Rolling 101

This is an entertaining look at how to roll a joint; Appropriately called Rolling 101. Though clearly intended as fun I have a feeling some of you may actually learn something, LOL! On a serious note, I’ve been to the cafe where this was shot as I totally recognize the wall during the ‘stoned’ scene at the end. It’s definitely one of the BULL DOG cafes (a local Amsterdam chain) near the Main Station. Check it out next time you’re in Holland!