Ode To Amy Winehouse

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not the lovey-dovey type. A load of years in Fed whittled down many emotions. I did find myself emotional over the death of a woman I briefly knew but felt like I knew a lifetime. Yeah, drugs will have that effect sometimes. Anyway, Amy Winehouse is dead and I’m bummed. Here’s a little rant, more for me (as always) than for anyone else.

5656 NOHO

Patient appreciation? WTF is that? If you had asked me yesterday, I would have not known what the hell you could be talking about.

Today however, is a different story. If you want to experience a cannabis dispensary that truly goes the extra mile, or extra nug as the case may be, I can wholeheartedly recommend the 5656 NOHO dispensary in North Hollywood, on Cahuenga.

Rumor has it, 5656 NOHO is the very FIRST pot-shop in the Valley, or at the very least North Hollywood. Visit them and get the real scoop sooner than later.

On my visit (sure, I was in disguise) I found an abundance of new cannabis flavors to choose from. No lack of Sativa’s and Indica’s to go around. If the fine selection and variety of prices ($5 grams and up) there’s something for everybody. Seniors and Military peeps should expect a 10% discount. Sweeeeeeeet!