Bud Review – Blue Dream From Blues Smoke Shop

Hey Stoners, it’s me BONG.
I’m comin’ atcha today with a quick and sweet review of some righteous green.

From my favorite shop in the hood (being blocks away don’t hurt) I’m going to milk it for all it’s worth. They’ve got a nice selections of organics and hydros, so expect some feedback on whatever I’m smoking there.

Today, it’s BLUE DREAM.


This organic Sativa is hmmm good. If you’re like me and sensitive to many Hydros, especially since you don’t know what its grown in, you can feel pretty good about weed that’s grown in good old fashion DIRTY DIRT. Like Goddess intended.

Using BLUE DREAM, I felt alert and upbeat. I got a full days work in with no distractions. Also, I didn’t feel the urgent need to medicate too often, as what sometimes happens with Hydros. I swear they are manipulated just that way.

The taste and smell of BLUE DREAM are very pleasing and if you pay close attention to your nose, you’ll pick up on the fruity element. Let me know what you think.

I’m on my way to the spot right now to try some AGFOO, their Organic Indica cannabis. I hope it’s not sold out!


Hear Me On The X Profiles

Yeah, that’s right. I know it’s a TV show but anyone who knows me knows I ain’t about to go public-mug on ya’. So, hear me and see my sexy co-host (who was meant to call today and didn’t, bitch!) chop it up about current events and shit. Yeah, of course we’re showcasing some hottie or other. That’s why it’s called The X Profiles, stoooopid. Here’s a part of a show.

See more at The X Profiles.com

Stealing Healthcare With James Verone

This has to be one of the most ridiculous solutions to acquiring Healthcare that I have ever heard of. Now, I didn’t say stupid. There’s certainly a difference, in any language.

Meet James Verone.

photo mit-zenfs

Due to the totally fucked up medical system in this LEADING NATION (keep in mind, many 3rd world countries have free healthcare), 59-year-old James Verone was forced to rob a bank, knowing that after being arrested and sentenced, he’d receive quality healthcare. Essentially, trading a few years of his life so he might live longer.


Learn more some place else! The idea alone makes me want to puke.

Bong’s Got The Blues

It was June 7th, 2010. I was out and about on foot, wearing my disguise as I most often do when out daytime.

I came across Blues Smoke Shop by accident while looking for a new place to live. As many of you know, after PROP 19 sucked ass, I got all depressed, lost faith in this lame ass country (again) and fake passed my way to Holland, where I’ve lived the last months between Den Haag and Rotterdam.

I’m back in the States now and since recently returning with the hottie I met overseas (seen in the last pic) I went back in to that smoke shop just on a whim and though I’ve walked by it dozens of times over the last year, I never even poked my head inside.

I’m damn glad I did. Since a very few weeks ago they have expanded their stock. Not only are they carrying an excellent selection of smoking accessories, they even cater to medicinal needs. Sweet!

As of late, I’ve spent a lot of time at Star Budz, likely because the employees are cute chicks that bake. BSS is closer to me and y’all know how lazy I can be.

Here’s the place from the outside.


From the outside the place reflects the trippy world around it since the windows are cover with some reflective material. It’s pretty cool.

Anyway, if you find yourself in North Hollywood, lookup Vincent at Blues Smoke Shop. I think they’ve been there like, forever already. I was medicated then, however I think he said 13 years? Can that be right? Does it matter?

The interior is warm, inviting and clean. I’ll see if I can get in there and take some photos for the site. Stay tuned as you’ll be the last to know. What? At least I’m honest!

Enter the hottie.