If We Legalize, Control, and Tax Cannabis, Won’t That Lead To More Crime – Bong’s Mission

Crime schmime! The real crime is that Cannabis isn’t ALREADY legal and that I lost 8 fucking years of my life because I sold it to friends. Yeah, I know, enough bitching already. I’ll never turn back the hands of time nor will I ever be compensated for my losses.

But you don’t have to go to federal prison if for some reason you get busted with a pound of delicious buddage! Just make damn sure YOU and everyone you know VOTES YES ON PROP 19, November 2nd 2010!

Would Taxing Cannabis Help Our State And Local Governments Financially – Bong’s Mission

My personal mission to support the YES ON PROP 19 campaign continues by explaining the financial benefits of legalizing Cannabis. With less than a month until this historic vote takes place, it’s more important now, than ever, to make sure people have the facts.

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