What Ever Happened To Blowing Out Candles

I don’t know for the life of me what strange tradition this is about, nor where this tradition takes place. I’m sure one of my readers has a clue and wouldn’t mind education the rest of us who grew up doing things the old fashioned way ie. Blowing out thin, burning sticks of wax and wicks, least of which in the form of a huge throbbing cock! Now I’ve seen it all…almost.

What would you do with $1.4 billion? Comment and let me know.

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My friends over at Tax Cannabis.org are running a forum just like this and seems appropriate for my audience as well. So, the question once again.

What would you do with $1.4 billion?

This is what one billion dollars looks like.

The California Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) report on Proposition 19 projects that controlling and taxing cannabis could bring $1.4 billion in tax revenue to the state — every single year. Even half of that enormous sum would rescue a state like California which faces annual budget crises. FACT, $1.4 billion could really be put to good use so vote YES ON PROP 19 November 2nd, 2010.

Now to the meat of all this… Fast forward to November 3rd, 2010.

Okay, so you’ve voted YES ON PROP 19 and cannabis is now controlled and taxed. Given that the State of California will make a projected $1.4 billion in tax revenue because YOU VOTED YES ON PROP 19, we have a small problem. What should we do with all that money? Don’t forget, it will be for us (our representatives) to decide so keep it real. These comments will likely be read by local leaders. Most Analysts consider the voices of the few when determining the opinions and desires of the many.

Thanks for you input!