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PTV is a pro-marijuana blog and broadcast

and my hope with this portal is to support all the positive efforts surrounding the legalization of marijuana and responsible Cannabis usage. A mixture of PTV original content and what I can scrape-up from the herbal blogosphere. So roll one, tune in and hang around with me and PTV.

Summertime Boobs

What’s not to like about big boobs and nice weather? I’m gonna miss summertime. Oh well, assuming I live long enough…there’s always next year! ūüôā

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Possession With Intent to Deliver Marijuana Warrants Deportation

A federal appeals court has held that a California law criminalizing possession of marijuana for sale constitutes an aggravated felony for purposes of federal immigration law and that aliens who violate that law are removable and may be … — Tue, 09 Sep 2014 12:39:08 -0700

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